FREEFLIX HQ IPTV APK 4.1.0 | Netflix of IPTV

FREEFLIX HQ IPTV APK 4.1.0 Beta4 is the latest in free Movies and TV Shows Application, designed to give you access to more Movies and Tv Shows than any other APK in the market.

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FREEFLIX HQ IPTV APK also contains a large amount of LIVE TV or IPTV contents from around the world, making this APK one of the unique APKS that has Streaming Movies/TV Shows as well as IPTV contents.

The APK also can act as an IPTV Player with an M3u Import.

FREEFLIX IPTV APK 4.1.0 Beta4 scrapes more links then most apk plus allot of Cartoon and anime sources as well.

The navigation of Freeflix seems to be ones of my favourite as its has small movie and TV Shows images instead of most of the popular APKS that has large images and does allow us to view the full contents.

I recommand to use VPN while watching this app .To download Super VPN click here ( PlayStore )  or here ( from server ) .

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